1. “No, I meant 5 toilets and one sink, you idiot!”

IAS Epic Fail 01

2. “It seemed fine until we put handles on the drawers.”

IAS Epic Fail 02

3.Pure brilliance at work

IAS Epic Fail 03

4. That’s one way of justifying the overdue renovation.

IAS Epic Fail 04

5. There must have been a better way.

IAS Epic Fail 05

6. Cozy.

IAS Epic Fail 06

7. That’s what you get when your builders are underpaid.

IAS Epic Fail 07

8. Stairway to nowhere.

IAS Epic Fail 08

9. The bigger question is: how did they even get the cutlery into the drawer?

IAS Epic Fail 09

10. It’s art, dude.

IAS Epic Fail 10

11. Moral of the story? Always take the elevator or escalator.

IAS Epic Fail 11

12. This one, for example.

IAS Epic Fail 12

13. “Let’s buy the cheap tickets this time.”

IAS Epic Fail 13

14. Good luck.

IAS Epic Fail 14

15. One hell of a d**k pic.

IAS Epic Fail 15

16. Why?

IAS Epic Fail 16

17. “Something doesn’t seem quite right, honey. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

IAS Epic Fail 17

18. Cheek to cheek.

IAS Epic Fail 18

19. When artists get bored.

IAS Epic Fail 19


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